The following is written by real people giving real responses at their own free will. Thank you everyone for taking the time to write...

"I worked with Jason on several projects during my time at Amazon. Jason had led the way in how to analyze the performance of a very complex emerging technology. He also took charge in researching the gathering, storing, and processing the enormous volumes of data for analysis, all of which had to be captured from real people. Jason organized the data flow and worked with other developers to build the data gathering and uploading tools. He then took it upon himself to develop Java and AWS tools for analyzing the captured data against our technology for performance analysis, giving us insight to improvements and any degradation. Jason is an all around solid guy, great to work with and has saved us a ton of time in researching our processes. I cannot express how much time was saved by Jason's efforts."

--Robb N. - Software Development Engineer, / Lab126

"Jason is a hardworking, dedicated and fantastic engineer. I'm impressed with how fast he ramped up to the WebOS/Cloud Services technology from day one. Jason has a strong technical acumen and is a go-to person for automated testing both client/server components of the Application Catalog using Java technologies. Jason worked in an efficient manner and met many project schedules with highest quality. Jason is well liked, respected by his peers. He is a great Asset to any team and I will be happy to have him on my team anytime in the future."

--Mahesh M. - Quality Manager, Cloud Services, Hewlett-Packard

"Application Catalog, Cloud Services and QA were all new for Jason, but he picked up quickly and within weeks he was the "go to" guy for his areas. He has super documentation skills, writes great automated test cases in Java and tests with a passion. Overall, a solid guy and a real asset to our team. It's been a pleasure working with Jason!"

--Alex B. - Director, Cloud Services Quality, Hewlett-Packard

"Not only was Webtek a means to gain experience through college, but it has also seeded hope in starting my own company and to truly go after what I believe in. Working for Jason has been an inspiring experience for me. It's a pleasure to work with this guy, he has a true vision that really cares for others and I know he'll make it very far with any new ventures he creates in the future. I'm just thankful to have been a part of his vision."

--Alex T. - Reported to Jason as an IT Consultant at WebTek

"Jason always went above and beyond his duties and proved his ability to rapidly learn new technologies. With his database expertise, our team was able to put together an award winning project for Urban Science. I highly recommend Jason as someone who effectively communicates expectations, someone who surpasses his commitments, and someone who provides ingenious solutions to technical problems. It's been a great pleasure working with him."

--Jeff S., Software Engineer, Urban Science

"Jason, Thank you for Going Above expectations. I'm thrilled to present you with the Going Above award in recognition of your exceptional business performance, contribution to our team and overall commitment to CA Technologies. Specifically, Cecil and I want to thank you for your extraordinary contribution to the execution of MSP World. Your efforts ensured a strong CA Technologies presence at the event and we couldn't have pulled it off without you."

--Karen S. - VP, Product Marketing at CA Technologies (formerly Computer Associates)

"Jason continues to develop his marketing and technical capabilities at CA Technologies. I most value his ability to take on a complex project, involving many interactions with internal and external stakeholders, and bringing it to completion. He does this while maintaining a positive attitude and a willingness to always learn new concepts and skills. He will be a valuable addition to any marketing organization."

--Cecil C. - Senior Director, Product Marketing at CA Technologies (formerly Computer Associates)

"Working for Jason and the vision he's set forth in this company has literally been life changing. Webtek has provided a platform for me to strengthen my career in IT, the experience to operate a small business, and the encouragement to start my own entrepreneurship. I know he's there for me when I need it and I thank him for sharing the fruits of the company he has developed. I am very thankful for receiving this opportunity."

--Michael M. - Reported to Jason as a Technician at WebTek

"Jason took on a tough task in consulting for our firms web site. We had multiple objectives and an unclear vision of how we wanted to present our firm. As a result he not only had to put together the technical parts of our online presence, he had to help us create the vision we wanted for our firm. He did both extremely well, guiding us through understanding how a web site helps create the vision and communicates that vision to clients. His web design, functionality and simplicity hit the mark and his firm did it in a fraction of the time and cost we expected. We highly recommend Jason and his firm - he has incredible vision, exemplary dedication to the task and a commitment to the client that is unmatched."

--Michael L. - President, Solutions International

"Jason and his team did an unbelievable job on a project to develop a web-based mapping application. The results far exceeded our expectations and had a strong positive impact on our organization. Jason is a dedicated and detail oriented worker with great potential."

--Jay L. - Practice Manager, Urban Science

"Jason and his team did a fantastic job in providing our company with a state-out-the-art mapping system. I appreciate his hard work, consistant communication, and great final product."

--Mark C. - Practice Manager, Urban Science

"As the Executive Director of The Michigan Society of Professional Engineers, I'd like to tell you about someone who has helped our association with our computer set up, repair and networking needs and who is available to offer your business the same excellent service.

WebTek has networked our entire business, set up and installed our new equipment and continues to be available for regular maintenance. Jason Weber, Chief Consultant of, WebTek is always professional and knowledgeable. He's saved our company time and money by staying on top of new developments in the field, including lower-cost technologies that are right for our needs. The service received is always fast and affordable.

I highly recommend that you contact Jason Weber at WebTek for your company's IT and networking needs. He can be reached at"

--Maura N. - Executive Director, Michigan Society of Professional Engineers

"It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for an outstanding consultant, Jason Weber. For nearly two years, Jason has proven his ability as an on-site network administrator. He has organized an outstanding online application for our company and has shown great strength in understanding our needs by translating them into specifications to deliver raw solutions. He also has a great overall personality which makes him a pleasure to work with. These characteristics are definite ingredients for a well rounded candidate who is capable of carrying out a company's goals from start to its desired destination and beyond."

--Gary L. - President, Allied & Associates

"The thought of loosing my critical business data was such a heart pounding experience. I honestly don't know how I would've continued without the valuable information I've been storing for years. It was such a relief to have someone come out on the same day to salvage what seemed to be completely vanished. Also, Jason was very friendly and great to work with. Again thank you, Jason, for recovering my critical data, I will surely be referring you to to my friends and using your services in the future."

--Terry L.

"Webtek provides Knowledgeable, Prompt, Friendly and Dependable service. Jason presents himself in a professional manner and explains what services I need, allows me to decide what I want and gives a fair price. I would strongly recommend Webtek for ALL computer service needs."

--Otto T.

"These guys are great at what they do! And not only this, they also do a good job of informing you of ways to prevent problems in the future; which saves money. If you have any computer problems, be sure to call these guys! Special thanks to Jason."

--Art J.

"I just want you guys to know that our systems are working just as good as when it was first serviced seven months ago. Usually, problems would come back a month or so later when being serviced by someone else. Whatever you guys did turned out to be the best solution. Thanks again WebTek, I am definitely gonna be spreading your name to others."

--Rick M.

"What's amazing is the diverse span of knowledge you possess which is good when I have things from all sorts of areas that need to be set up and installed. I must say, your wealth of knowledge is very convenient and extremely efficient. Thanks for being such a great help!"

--Ron C.

"I just wanted to personally thank Jason from WebTek for restoring my system and providing sound advice for securing it. Eight months have passed and everything is working great. Your services are truly appreciated and I will be referring WebTek to my friends."

--Mike B.

"Jason left successfully as I was a very happy customer. Thank you, Jason for coming out promptly and securing my wireless network! It's been over a year now and the kids and I are still very happy for your services."

--Kevin F.

"I am positive my system is so much faster and smoother. I also have a better sense of trust with it. It don't feel like it's not secure anymore. What a great feeling! Thanks!"

--Valerie H.

"My system is working wonderfully and it's been over a year and a half now! Before Webtek came out to fix the problem, I was on the verge of throwing away this system and getting a new one. At this point I am very glad I chose to keep my machine. It's good to know that I've got someone I can trust when my system acts up. This message is to inform you, the reader, that you are making the right choice when calling these guys!"

--Nancy E.

"Dear Jason,

I want to thank you for all the excellent lessons you gave to me on my new computer. Especially when my son was in Iraq. He appreciated it also. I told him that you have taught me so much that I am a "Granny Geek." He liked that and was surprised how well informed I am, but I gave you the credit. You are very patient and knowledgeable!

I have fixed the printer, re-newed my subscription and try to remember to update my virus protection as you said that I needed to do each week. I have found information on the web that has been very helpful to my relatives. Thanks again!"

--Bea R.

"When I knew I needed serious help with my systems, I did what any reasonable person would do. I called these guys, they came promptly and worked hard till the job was finished. Jason, I am extremely pleased with the work that was done & the recommendations you made. Thanks again. "

--Dan G.

"My system is running great! Before you came, it was a complete mess. Your hard work prevented me from having to purchase a new system. Thanks. "

--Joel K.

"Jason, Just a note to let you know how much I appreciate all your help on my computer problems. I have tried other computer "specialists" before and you out perform them all. It is easy to get an appointment and the work is completed in a timely manner. I'm sure I will be contacting you in the future when other problems arise. Thanks again."

-Debbie H.

"I am happy to write this testimonial regarding WEBTEK for a job well done on the computer services they've provided. My system was a complete mess before Jason came here and I was very satisfied when he finished the job. It's been over a year and a half now and it is still running great! His services have saved me money! Jason, if you're reading this; thank you for your great support and suggestions to keep my computer alive."

--Dennis W.

"I would like to thank you for your talents in recovering very sentimental photos and videos of my wife's father; who has passed away recently. Your services have been of outstanding value to us and we are truly pleased to have his last moments captured. You have my heartfelt appreciation and boundless thanks!"

--Chris W.

"Jason, the work you did on my wireless network was outstanding. You were very professional, courteous and very respectful. I have recommended you several times and that is something I very rarely do. Keep up the great work!"

--Cary E.

"My needs were very specialized as my type of technical situation had much to do with making profits. It is extremely important to me that I have working scanning equipment for my business and be able to synchronize it with the database software on my machine. I was dealing with very specialized software. Jason came out and set everything up for me and made sure I was comfortable with operating everything by the time he left. I give great gratitude for his services as I have made generous profits using the software and equipment he has installed."

--Michael W.